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New Fashion Designers.

you can come into our store and see some great names in fashion at a great price. Designers that are great and special have a home here at Prim-Prop-And-Diva! If you have a style that you would like to share with the world or if you are a new designer and would like to show your designs contact us we can and will help. Send us telling us about yourself and your designs [email protected]

 ~OLIVE ~ Bringing rare Jewelry Designs And must see items.


Bringing A New Kind Of Style With Jean Wear.


Giving Men a Different Kind Of Outlook On Fashions for him.

She simply calls herself MUNCHkIN a unique designer from Wyoming. She likes making things for little people and children. Give me a yard of material and I will make a whole new tomorrow. Give me some trim and we have 3 or 4 outfits. I like buttons and jewels too! I really enjoy making jeans and vests and sometimes I get a which could be kind of nice. I like plain colors, which is so nice for winter wear. I like to make things out of fake fur because it looks nice in the winter; and yes, I only sew with fake fur because I am an animal lover! Sewing is so much fun. needs a bow to match and a clutch to put everything in. I love Hats too! I can not wait to show my line to all of the




I am a designer with passion-- if you will. I have so much to give to the art of fashion that I don't want to limit myself. I just want to keep people guessing and inspiring them to move in a positive direction. With every piece of fabric, my hands become measuring tools that cut out that perfect handbag that will match that one of a kind dress. With I sew a feeling of balance and strength that turns into that perfect outfit. My experience with life has gifted my soul with dozens of crewels of sharp edge designs, with just a touch of embroidery and a wholesome amount of my impeccable patterns that I have spent so much time putting together for you, my customer. I really do believe in you and whatever you stand for; my sincerity has control over me. My Distinctive ear for fashion makes me this humbling character that I openly share. I use the power of love as my canvas to exquisitely cut and drape, Leather Coats, Trimmed Caps and Men's Tie sets with accessories. I move with the futuristic power of what can be, therefore the Artist in me is endless.

I Love you all and can't wait to hear what you think about my designs.

Jann Harris--

La Luke Is my name and I am a real diva slash fashion designer, I am so honored to be able to show my clothes here. I sure hope you all will enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. I specialize in making tops and skirts and maybe a dress every now and then, and I like bold colors. I have lived in America for about 10 years. I am from Europe and no matter where I am I am looking for a place to shop. I like long skirts, short skirts...I just like Skirts. I have a great eye for color and I will let you see some of my most colorful fashions. I have a passion for socks, so I used my creative vision to turn it into something very special. I a line of socks called "SOC-KE-ITS", socks with color and design. I am very excited about this new adventure. I am overwhelmed with happiness to be able to bring you my designs.